A Legacy of Community Support since 1935

Giving back to the community has been an integral part of how the Kitsap Sun, an E.W. Scripps media company, has conducted business for many years. In the last 12 months, over 130 organizations and community events have benefitted from in-kind advertising support of the Kitsap Sun and its Community Partnerships program. Business Partnerships have yielded greater exposure to events and causes promoted by commercial entities. Grants of the Scripps Howard Foundation have been directed through the Kitsap Sun to key, local capital campaigns. The annual Kitsap Sun Bellringer campaign, over 90 years running, has yielded funding of over $100,000 in each of recent years to re-stock the shelves of area food banks immediately following the holidays. The Healthy Tomorrow Awards program, conducted jointly by the Kitsap Sun and Kitsap Credit Union, shines a light on otherwise unheralded persons, organizations, businesses and families who are making a difference in our community.

How may we help you? While considering each request carefully, we are primarily interested in lending support to efforts that build literacy, diversity, theater arts, good health, and the environmental and economic well-being of our community.

You are encouraged to review the criteria for each of these programs and apply for our support.

Community Partnerships

Available only to non-profit organizations to promote an event or specific cause, support comes in the form of in-kind advertising. Advertising is provided on the basis of matching your non-profit ad purchase with twice its value of in-kind support. This two-to-one match offers three times the schedule that your budget would normally yield. Ad packages and pricing have been tailored in a range of three sizes, and are detailed in the application. Click here for Criteria and application.

Business Partnership

Available to commercial entities, support is most often in the form of customized advertising plans with targeted audience reach, strategic scheduling, custom design services and advantageous pricing. The cornerstone of any business partnership is the assurance of mutual benefit. Click here for Criteria and application.


Monetary support may be possible for capital campaigns and other projects through a grant of the Scripps Howard Foundation. Click here for more information.

Kitsap Sun Bellringer campaign

Conducted annually mid-November through early January, 100% of the campaign’s donations fund replenishment of food bank shelves immediately following the holidays. Your contributions are welcomed year-round. Please make checks payable to Kitsap Sun Bellringer, or contribute online at kitsapsun/bellringer.

Healthy Tomorrow Awards

An awards program of the Kitsap Sun and Kitsap Credit Union. Learn more, make a nomination or view award history. Click here.

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