prizm Prizm Database Analysis

Scripps has launched a sophisticated new marketing analysis program that will enable you to identify and target customer segments most likely to increase their spending with your store(s). We have the most complete household database available in each Scripps’ market. This database incorporates a wide variety of demographic and lifestyle data about consumers in our market. We can use this information to help you better segment your customers and to design marketing programs to drive your store traffic, increase sales and build customer loyalty.

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yahoo Yahoo!

Yahoo! Display Advertising

Just as we can place or ‘serve’ your ad by way of our website, we can design and serve your ad on Yahoo! to its millions of users throughout the Seattle Designated Market Area* or any geo-targeted part of it.    Among hundreds of newspapers partnered with Yahoo!, we often lead all newspapers in the U.S. of our size and many larger newspapers in total Yahoo!-placed advertising.
Two-thirds of all online users in the DMA are Yahoo! users and represent an audience of over 2,000,000 persons.    We can strategically place your message in front of them. It makes sense to work with a media professional right down the block and in the thick of the Seattle DMA who best understands your needs and audiences. Think Yahoo! You’re big enough for it. It can be right-sized for you, and we can make it happen. Impressions are available on a per-thou- sand basis, and our rates are highly competitive.

Yahoo! ‘Behaviorally Targeted’ online ads

Think of an online Yahoo audience whose online reading and activities indicate a likelihood to want your product or service. Think ‘Behavioral Targeting,’ think precision reach. Better yet, think ‘no wasted spending.’
Simply, we can serve your ad on Yahoo! in any or all of the Seattle DMA* and have it seen only by those who have demonstrated an interest in your product or service. Tell us about your target audience, and we’ll provide the means of reaching them. It’s really that simple.
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*DMA= the approximate area from Vancouver, B.C. to Vancouver, WA and Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains.

email E-mail Advertising

Speak to those most interested in your products and services, whether as existing or potentially new customers. Our experience and knowledge of conducting e-mail campaigns assures a positive reception to your important business message. boasts some 160,000 registered users, nearly 30,000 of whom have opted in to receive messages of interest to them.  You may reach all of this sizable audience of opt-in users or choose a portion of them based on their geography, interests or other targeting criteria. Numerous segments of this audience are available as targets for whatever your very special message may be.

Aim, and efficiently deliver your message toward specific geographies–counties, zip codes, milage radius-from-store–and other parameters such as gender, age and interests.

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sem Search Engine Marketing

Search has undeniably become a significant factor and resource in the lives of consumers.  While 99% of internet users use Search engines on a regular basis, 80% of consumers 18-72 years old use Search to hunt for products and services they are preparing to purchase.
There is a reason Search is one of our most rapidly growing advertising segments; it works.  As anAuthorized Google Reseller Partner, our insights to Google research and technology aids the means of making Search work for you. Our Google-certified and trained professionals are on staff to further assure your success in using Search.

Our Search professionals will recommend best words for your business, write copy for your ads and suggest other ways to make your overall program work better. Search is sold on a per-click basis, so you are only paying for actual response. Reports come with your buy at little or no extra charge, and provide detailed, ongoing analytics of how your S.E.M. is working. The amazing depth of information includes such insights as number of clicks, time spent on your site by these search-generated visits, geographic location of your visitors, browser type, and best-performing key words, among much more.

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social Social

Having a social media marketing strategy is essential for growth-minded businesses.  Facebook use is skyrocketing, and is proving its worth as a medium engaging its users.  Users average 419 minutes and 23 visits per month, with nearly two-thirds (62%) logging in daily.

Our expertise enables you to acccess this audience and, importantly, develop a social media plan.  We’ll build, monitor, manage and optimize your campaign, and your message may be ultra-targeted.  A sample of targeting options include selecting your audience by milage radius from store, age, gender, languages and education–among many more options.  And your ad expense is limited only to actual clicks made on your ad.  You set the pay-per-click budget and we do the rest, from design, to scheduling, to campaign monitoring and reporting.  Build your customer base.  Build your customer loyalty.  We can do it for you.

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