Community Partnerships

Community Partnership General Information—please review prior to completing and submitting an application.

Thank you for considering a community partnership with the Kitsap Sun.

The Kitsap Peninsula is rich with community service organizations and special events. We are proud and honored to support many of them. Our lengthy history of community care and involvement is coupled by a belief that associating with the good brand of a given event or organization is to our benefit as a business. We wish to further our brand with current and potential subscribers and advertisers. Among the best means of doing so is through events providing educational, entertainment or cultural experiences relevant and beneficial to residents of our community.

The Kitsap Sun receives many sponsorship requests on an ongoing basis. Each request is reviewed by our Executive Marketing Committee. The committee considers the information provided and makes sponsorship decisions based on certain criteria and available resources. While considering each request carefully, we are primarily interested in sponsorships that support literacy, our environment, public health, theater arts, diversity and the economic well-being of our community.

The general manner in which the Kitsap Sun provides support is by offering two additional in-kind ads for each one purchased at non-profit advertising rates.  Subject to benefits provided to the Kitsap Sun, the partnership proposal developed in response to an application may vary somewhat from that basic formula.

Criteria for Support:

  • Event or cause is produced by and/or benefits a not-for-profit organization.
  • Event or organization makes a difference in the lives of community residents.
  • Applicant is an authorized representative of the charitable organization.
  • Applicant agrees to a spending level of $135 or more.  Examples of non-profit ad costs and ad sizes are detailed further in the application.  No obligation is incurred through further review and submission of an application.
  • Positive visibility for the Kitsap Sun is provided.
  • Applicant is a reader and/or advertiser of the Kitsap Sun, or its community publications.
  • Exclusivity as the lone print/digital media sponsor is provided for the Kitsap Sun.
  • Sponsorship request is submitted 60 days prior to event date.

TERMS of our community partnership

Given the wide range of events, the terms for specific community partnership plans will likewise vary, but obligations of partner organizations will typically include some or all of the following:


Kitsap Sun will be the sole newspaper/digital media sponsor. Paid or sponsored advertising in other print media will be disallowed, unless otherwise approved in writing. Our benefitting partners remain able and encouraged to direct press releases and other non-paid notices to any and all media.

Recognition and awareness

As a media sponsor, the Kitsap Sun will be recognized on all promotional materials such as posters, fliers, programs, tickets and signs, and in social media posts, on your website and in print and broadcast advertising, press releases, etc.

The appropriate Kitsap Sun logo, provided in a formal response to your application, should be used, and should be sized to be visible and legible.

When appropriate and commensurate to the level of support, the Kitsap Sun shall be provided with invitations and/or tickets to the event. Live mentions of our sponsorship during the event are welcomed, and expected when practical.

It is also appreciated and expected that leadership, staff and board personnel of partner organizations will know of our support.

Exhibit/booth space, signage and participant list

If the event is one featuring exhibits, the Kitsap Sun would like to have the opportunity to be present with its exhibit and/or signage, and be provided a list of participating businesses and organizations, and the means of contact thereof.

Sponsorship ads

Publication dates may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed.

Partnership ads are to be used to promote the special event or initiatives described in the application, and are non-transferable, and not to be used as thank-you ads. Thank-you ads may be acquired on a fully paid basis through our Advertising Department.

Partner must be able to prepare and submit a camera-ready ad file at least one week prior to the first scheduled ad. Non-submission may result in cancellation.

Agreement of confidentiality

The specific terms and conditions of sponsorship agreements are confidential, and shall not be made available to any third party outside of your organization without the prior written consent of the Kitsap Sun.

Agreement to terms

I have read and agree to the TERMS, including requirements of print-media exclusivity, recognition, and submission of a camera-ready ad file in a timely manner. If this is an event featuring booths, a booth space and a list of participating businesses and contact means for each is required.

Agreed and proceed to application