Our Company

Thank you for your interest in knowing more about who we are as a media company, and what we do to benefit advertisers and support the community in which we conduct business.

What we are as a local company is a multi-media business providing credible news and information of value to audiences within Kitsap County and the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington state. We offer access to those audiences for businesses and organizations wishing to cost-effectively reach them. Our media include print and online advertising, classified advertising, delivery of preprinted advertising circulars, search engine marketing, e-mail, social media advertising and website design, among other business-to-consumer messaging. Information on how you may use any combination of our media and services is contained among these pages.

Our company became a daily fixture in Bremerton in 1935, publishing then and now under a flag bearing the Scripps family name.  Operating as a property of the E.W. Scripps Company (NYSE ticker symbol SSP), the Kitsap Sun is an integral part of a company of daily and community newspapers, internet sites and broadcast t.v. stations located throughout the U.S.

Among our array of media are the daily Kitsap Sun, the direct-mailed weeklies Bainbridge Islander, Gig Harbor Life and Mason County Life, and a range of digital news and information sites and services. Kitsapsun.com has been named on mulitple occasions by its Pacific Northwest media peers as best overall and best designed web site. Share of page views among local news media sites regularly exceeds two-thirds, according to online audience authority Experian Hitwise.

For nearly as many years as we have been producing a daily newspaper, we have also been a commercial printer.    With deep roots as a daily newspaper publisher, we recognize that quality, reliability and timeliness are musts.

We take very seriously the role and responsibility we have as the area’s leading media company. Producing media that fully responds to audience expectations of quality and value extends throughout our line of print and digital products. Thank you, again, for getting to know us better. Your relationship with us as a reader or as an advertiser, or both, is vitally important and graciously appreciated.